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Maintaining frequent contact between countries of the region and carrying out IHP activities at regional level requires appropriate co-ordination mechanisms. In Southeast Asia and the Pacific, regional cooperation is made through the IHP Regional Steering Committee (RSC), whose members are representatives from the 17 IHP National Committees. Since 1993, annual RSC meetings have been convened in different countries of the region to report, evaluate and review various activities carried out within the framework of IHP, as well as to design new ones; in conjunction with the RSC meetings, annual international conferences and symposia have been held. The Japanese Government has strongly supported these important activities by providing through the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science (MEXT), a Funds-in-Trust contribution on a regular basis.

In co-operation with UNESCO Jakarta and the participating member states, the RSC has co-ordinated a wide range of initiatives over ten years so far, including research studies, technical projects, workshops, training courses and annual symposia, bringing together many specialists involved in water related activities. The most notable regional initiatives made possible by the co-operative efforts of the RSC are: the AP-FRIEND (Asian Pacific Flow Regimes from International and Experimental Network Data) project, the Asian Pacific Water Archive and the Catalogue of Rivers.

The IHP 50th Anniversary Booklet:
Celebrating 50 years of Water Leadership in Asia and the Pacific Success Stories from the Field, October 2015.

IHP-VIIII: Water Security in Responses to Local, Regional and Global Challenges 2014-2021

Coming events in 2020

The 24th session of IHP's Intergovernmental Council
The 28th IHP RSC Meeting for Asia and the Pacific
The 30th IHP Training Course in Kyoto

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