Japan National Committee for International Hydrological Programme

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Objectives of the Japanese IHP National Committee

The main objective of the Japanese IHP National Committee is to improve scientific and technological basis for the development of methods for the rational management of water resources, including the protection of the environment and disasters prevention/mitigation relating to water and society. Moreover, the Japanese National Commission for UNESCO has discussed and made proposal on "Sustainability Science" which is a scientific concept as the integrated approach to build a truly sustainable society. Based on this concept, the Japanese IHP National Committee is expected to solve complex global challenges through following activities with a cross-cutting approach in collaboration with all the studies including social and human sciences, in addition to changing value. Various IHP activities of UNESCO especially in the Asia- Pacific region have been implemented under the support of the Japanese National Commission for UNESCO with financial contribution in the form of Fund-in-Trust (JFIT) for the Promotion of Science for the Sustainable Development. Activities of the Japanese IHP National Committee includes:

The IHP 50th Anniversary Booklet:
Celebrating 50 years of Water Leadership in Asia and the Pacific Success Stories from the Field, October 2015.

IHP-VIII: Water Security in Responses to Local, Regional and Global Challenges 2014-2021

Coming events

The 26th IHP RSC Meeting for Asia and the Pacific
The 8th Global FRIEND-Water Conference

Past events

Kick-off Faculty Development Symposium of International Program on Resilient Society Development under Changing Climate
The 25th IHP RSC Meeting for Southeast Asia and the Pacific in Conjunction with the UNESCO-JASTIP Joint Symposium on Intra-Regional Water Security and Disaster Management (the 3rd Symposium on JASTIP Disaster Prevention International Cooperation Research (JASTIP-WP4 Symposium)
The 27th IHP Training Course

Past activities: 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016

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