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Catalogue of Rivers for South East Asia and Pacific

The Catalogue of Rivers is a document containing  basic descriptions of rivers in the Southeast Asia region. Although it provides summaries of data such as mean annual values maps etc. it is however not in true sense a data book. The catalogue contains seven items of information namely:

  1. General description,
  2. geographical information,
  3. climatic information,
  4. hydrological information,
  5. water resources information,
  6. social cultural information, and
  7. list of references.
These items were agreed upon on IHP Regional Steering Committee (RSC)  meeting held in Yokohama Japan July 1993. So far six volumes were published. The first volume was issues in 1995, the second volume in 1997, the third volume in 2000, the forth volume in 2002, the fifth volume in 2004, and the sixth volume in 2012, including total 114 tivers. The catalogue was planned as a media to promote mutual understanding of regional hydrology and water resources for better collaboration. The Catalogue of Rivers is produced in collaboration with IHP regional steering committee for South East Asia whose member countries are Australia, Cambodia, Peoples Republic of China, Indonesia, Japan, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Republic of Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, The Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.