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The contribution of Japan to water science in UNESCO frame work dates back to International Hydrological Decade (IHD 1965-1974). As of now Japanese contribution continues to expand as it becomes more involved in regional and international water science issues. When IHD changed to IHP Japan became almost a constant member of the Intergovernmental council of the IHP. The National Committee for IHP in Japan have during these years been the main source of Japanese contribution to IHP and other regional bodies. The main objective of the National Committee falls in line with the objectives of IHP namely; to improve scientific and technological basis for the development of methods for the rational management of water resources, including the protection of the environments and disasters prevention / mitigation relating to water and society.


The Japan National Committee for IHP consist of 15 members. The committee members are mainly faculty members in universities who coordinate research projects in line with various research objectives of IHP. The National committee have a chairperson, two members from Japan National Commission for UNESCO and 12 members chosen from various institutes involved with water science. The IHP National Committee works under the Japan National Commission for UNESCO. 

Members of the IHP National Committee as of May 2016
 Chair *, **  TACHIKAWA Yasuto  Prof., Dept. of Eng., Kyoto Univ.
 *  KURODA Reiko  Prof. Tokyo Univ. of Science
 *  UEMATSU Mitsuo  Director and Prof., CICAORI, Univ. of Tokyo
   CHIKAMORI Hidetaka  Prof.,Okayama Univ.
   HARUYAMA Shigeko  Prof., Mie Univ.
   HIYAMA Tetsuya  Prof., ISEE, Nagoya Univ.
   HORI Tomoharu  Prof., WRRC, DPRI, Kyoto Univ.
   KAWAMURA Akira  Prof., Tokyo Metropolitan Univ.
   KAZAMA Futaba  Prof., Univ. of Yamanashi
   NAKAYAMA Mikiyasu  Prof., Univ. of Tokyo
   OKI Taikan  Prof., IIS, Univ. of Tokyo
   MIYAKE Katsuhito  Vice Director, ICHARM, PWRI
   TANIGUCHI Makoto  Prof., RIHN
   TSUJIMURA Maki  Prof., Univ. of Tsukuba
   WATANABE Tsugihiro  Prof., Kyoto Univ.

* Member of the Japanese National Commission for UNESCO;
** IHP Bureau Vice-Chairperson (Group IV - Asia and the Pacific, 2016-2018)
CICAORI: Center for International Collaboration, Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute;
DPRI: Disaster Prevention Research Institute, Kyoto University;
ICHARM: The International Centre for Water Hazard and Risk Management (UNESCO Category II Centre);
IIS: Institute for Industrial Sciences, University of Tokyo;
ISEE: Institute for Space-Earth Environmental Research, Nagoya University (formerly Hydrospheric Atmospheric Research Center (HyARC));
RIHN: Research Institute for Humanity and Nature; and
WRRC: Water Resources Research Center.

Secretariat of the Japanese National Committee for IHP, UNESCO:
c/o Ms. MOTOOKA Yoshiko
Japanese National Commission for UNESCO,
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT)
3-2-2 Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8959, Japan
E-mail: jpnatcom @ mext.go.jp
TEL: +81-(0)3-6734-2585 / FAX: +81-(0)3-6734-3679

last updated on July 13, 2016